Ate an Authentic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza at Giordano’s at Prudential Plaza in Downtown Chicago. By Lawrence Narvaez


I have visited Chicago one time before and I left with one big regret: I did not try a real Chicago deep dish pizza.  On my most recent trip to the Windy City (I am in Chicago as I am typing this), I made it a priority that my girlfriend and I ate one.  Honestly, pizza is all the same to me, whether its from Costco, Pizza Hut, Domino’s, etc.  I wasn’t really concerned with the pizza, but I had to get the experience of eating a real Chicago pizza.  When asked about which was the best place to get one, locals immediately recommended Giordano’s.  A quick search on my mobile device revealed that Derrick Rose was a partner and that I could get a Derrick Rose pizza.  I did not have to hear anything else.  Giordano’s it was.

One bite and I understood why the people of Chicago made sure that I ate there.  The pizza was so delicious, and I am sorry I cannot describe it more vividly or in a more poetic fashion.  It tasted good and I enjoyed every bite.  My girlfriend ordered for us, so I did not push for the D-ROSE Special.  The hostess was kind enough to make sure that I did not go back to Los Angeles without the D-Rose pizza box.  Besides for the excellent food, service at Giordano’s was top notch.  They were friendly, helped each other out, and kept my lemonade refills coming.  We visited the Giordano’s on East Randolph Drive at Prudential Plaza.  If you ever visit the beautiful city of Chicago, I wholeheartedly recommend eating an authentic Chicago deep dish pizza at Giordano’s.


Giordano’s Famous Chicago Style Pizza.

- By Lawrence Narvaez. Please Follow Us @PROMOtagged.

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